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Anti Termite Treatment Singapore

anti termite treatment singapore ~ Price : MYR 001

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Advertiser ID : Pedagangitdotcom
Contact No : 60182192898
Ads Category : Affiliate & Reseller
Update : 17-12-2018
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Location : Singapore

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anti termite treatment singapore



We will submit our service report to facilitate to our customers’ requirement by fostering and better understanding of our treatment, maintaining a pest free, clean and orderly environment. Effective pest management will include recommendation, good housekeeping, proper storage practices and pest exclusion measures. We will not be responsible to the cost of replacing any structure and fitting damage by subterranean termite or other pest.


We will also indicate the treated areas, highlight the infestations & to be signed by the person in-charge of the establishment as to avoid subsequent disagreements. All pesticide used are neither toxic nor hazardous to the occupancy of the buildings or goods and is approved by the National Environment Agency.

anti termite treatment singapore

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