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Cooking With Pandan Leaves Asian Inspirations

Cooking with Pandan leaves asian Inspirations ~ Price : MYR 1000

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Update : 28-10-2017
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Location : Subang Jaya

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Cooking with Pandan leaves asian Inspirations

Cooking with Pandan leaves asian Inspirations

In south-east Asia, pandan leaves are commonly used when preparing rice dishes as means of enhancing flavor. For example, non-aromatic rice varieties are often cooked with pandan leaves to stimulate the flavor of the expensive and aromatic type rice like basmati and jasmine rice. Fresh or slightly withered pandan leaves are typically torn into strips, tied in bunch to facilitate removal than placed in the cooking pot and finally removed at the end of cooking. Commonly used to wrap foodslike fish or shrimp, pandan leaf paste can imbue a dessert with sweetness and bright green coloring.

Pandan is a herbaceous tropical plant with long green leaves. In Southeast Asia, pandan leaves are used to lend a unique taste and aroma to many Malaysian desserts and some drinks. Pandan leaves can also be used to wrap savory foods, such as chicken. Pandan paste / juice / powder is used in cakes and desserts, as it is sweet and imbues foods with a bright green color. It can be purchased as a ready-to-use paste in Asian specialty stores.

Cooking with Pandan leaves asian Inspirations

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