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Perfect-mate Cuci Darah | Dcc | 60139809972

Perfect-Mate Cuci Darah | DCC | 60139809972 ~ Price : MYR 00

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Advertiser ID : Xtrahours Svcs
Contact No : 0139809972
Ads Category : Healthy Products
Update : 01-01-2018
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Location : Putrajaya

Description :

Combo Cuci Darah | DCC | 60139809972

Combo Cuci Darah | DCC | 60139809972

Combo Cuci Darah | DCC | 60139809972


Main Functions
O- Stimulates Immune System
O- Enhance Sexual Abilities
O- Improves Respiratory System
O- Protects From Free Radical Damage
O- Provide Energy & Stamina
O- Prevent Inflammation & Tumous
O- Improve Kidney Function
O- Increase Anti-Oxidant Levels

The extraction of Cordyceps Sinensis is very precise which it come from special area located at Qing-Hai, Tibet.

Suitable for people :
-> with diminished immunity.
-> who involved with heavy work stress and physical work
-> pulmonary dysfunctions
-> acute or chronic dysfunctional or renal failure, back pain
-> hypertension or hypotension
-> sexual dysfunctional, infertility, impotence and nocturnal emission.
Cordyceos Sinensis also known as "Viagra of Himalayas" suits is names since it able to enhances Sexual Abilities.

DCC best combination with DanshenPlus. Together it can help boosting organ function and inner protection of our body system.

RRSP: RM 150.00# (100 capsules)

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Edy Othman 60139809972 / 60192029973 (on9ads)

Perfect-Mate Cuci Darah | DCC | 60139809972

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