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Advertiser ID : Rezqy Rayyan
Contact No : 01111983461
Ads Category : Beauty & Personal Care
Update : 14-01-2018
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Location : Johor Bahru


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*Kalau dah terjual lebih 100,000 botol* tu uols ghase berkesan ke tidokkk?? Sape belum cuba #LentikDara SUMPAH RUGI! Jus paling larisss utk hapuskan lelemakss durjana baq angg! πŸ˜πŸ‘

Kenapa perlu bazirkan duit uols utk produk merapu di pasaran? Tepuk dada tanya lemak di perut anda! Ehh! Haha! 😜

Dahla Murah Ni Ada *promosi terjun gaung* lagi.cepat roger hakak

Sape Nk jadi stokis agen meh. Modal Murah jaaa❀


Sedang berlangsung sesi shooting Founder #LentikDara bersama kak Lina Pompom utk iklan #TV3.. semoga Allah permudahkan segala urusan.. Aminnn! 😍😍

Sumpahhh tak sabar nak tgk iklan Lentik Dara *start 22 Januari nie! Setiap hari diulang tayang sebanyak 7 KALI diantara jam 6 petang sampai 11 malam baq ang! Selama SETAHUN cik Kiah oi! Dah la time tu paling ramai orang tengok TV3!! Bestnyaaaaa!!!* πŸ˜˜πŸ’ƒπŸ‘



Keywords Tags:

This advertisement and the information related to it are provided and maintained by the advertiser. is not responsible and can not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of this advertisement.

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