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Cellmaxx Selangor Malaysia 0107967422

cellmaxx selangor malaysia 0107967422 ~ Price : MYR 0

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Advertiser ID : Cellmaxx Malaysia
Contact No : 0107967422
Ads Category : Healthy Products
Update : 18-01-2018
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Location : Gombak Selangor

Description :

cellmaxx selangor malaysia 0107967422

cellmaxx selangor malaysia 0107967422 call or whatapps for more detail

cellmaxxmalaysia maxxima 0107967422 Upper Klamath Lake is a large, shallow freshwater lake east of the Cascade Range in south central Oregon in the United States. The largest freshwater body in Oregon, it is approximately 20 mile (32 km) long and 8 mile (12.9 km) wide and extends northwest from the city of Klamath Falls.

Packaging:    14 Sachets x 3 grams

Pricing:    RM180.00 (WM) / RM185.00 (EM)

MOH Ref:    251013/10/710

cellmaxx selangor malaysia 0107967422

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