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Penawar Sakit Jantung, Strok & Diabetis : 012-678 3153

Penawar Sakit Jantung, Strok & Diabetis : 012-678 3153 ~ Price : MYR 190

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Advertiser ID : Azrin Bin Azami
Contact No : 0126783153
Ads Category : Healthy Products
Update : 22-09-2017
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Location : Kl, Putrajaya & Selangor

Description :


i- Danshen : Improve blood circulation by removing stasis.
ii- Notoginseng : Smoothing blood circulation and healing tissue wall in coronary vessel.
iii- Astragalus : Improve immune system and digestions system.
iv- Rosewood : Regulate energy and reduce inner pain

These 4 ingredient formulated purposely to help removing, cleaning plaque in the blood vessel hence prevent it from blockage build up.

Proven by clinical trial report and approved by US FDA which probably most respected and reliable administration on Foods and Drugs that Danshen Plus capable to help us in 6 factors:-

i-  To Fight Coronary Heart Disease.
ii- Protects from Stroke.
iii- Clean Blood Vessel & Protects Microccirculation.
iv- Lower Blood Lipid Level (Cholesterol)
v- Treat Diabetes Complication
vi- Protect Liver Cells

RRP: RM 190.00#

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Penawar Sakit Jantung, Strok & Diabetis : 012-678 3153

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